Highlights: Al Riyadh vs Al Fateh, Final Score 1-1

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Saudi Pro League: Highlights Al Riyadh vs Al Fateh Date: November 9, 2023 | Time: 23:30 Hrs. | LocationPrince Turki bin Abdulaziz, Riyadh

As game week 13 commences, we, share highlights of Al Riyadh vs Al Fateh scheduled for Nov. 9, 2023 at 23:30 Hrs local time.

Highlights: Al Riyadh vs Al Fateh

FINAL SCORE: Al Riyadh 1-1 Al Fateh
Al RiyadhAl Abbas (68′)
Al FatehAl-Hassan (34′)
Final Score

The Saudi Professional League witnessed an intense clash between Al Riyadh and Al Fateh on November 9th. The match was filled with excitement and showcased the immense talent of both teams.
Right from the kickoff, Al Riyadh displayed their attacking prowess, dominating the possession and creating several goal-scoring opportunities. Al Fateh managed to break the defence line of Al Riyadh in the 34 minute and Al-Hassan scored the first goal of the match, taking a 1-0 lead for Al Fateh
The second half saw both teams pushing for a winner. Al Riyadh continued to control the game. Despite their relentless efforts, Al Fateh’s defense stood firm, denying Al Riyadh goals.
As the match reached its final stages, both teams intensified their efforts to secure the victory. In the 68th minute, Al Riyadh’s Al Abbas, showcased his clinical finishing skills, capitalizing on a defensive error and slotting the ball into the bottom corner, giving his team the equalizer.
Al Fateh fought back valiantly, desperately searching for a win.
With the final whistle blown, both teams had to settle for a hard-fought draw. The match was a true spectacle for football fans, with end-to-end action and stunning goals.

Al Riyadh vs Al Fateh: Line-up

Al Riyadh Al Fateh
25Martín Campaña 1Jacob Rinne
36Dino Arslanagic 17Marwane Saadane
26Ali Al-Zaqan 64Jason Denayer
6Alin Tosca 25Tawfiq Buhumaid
88Yahya Alshehri 12Saeed Baattia
4Mohammed Al Shwirekh 10Lucas Zelarayán
8Abdulelah Al Khaibari 7Mukhtar Ali
5Khalid Bin Shuwayyi 14Alfehaid Salah
20Didier N’Dong 99Hassan Al Slis
60Birama Touré 37Cristian Tello
10Juanmi 18Mohammed Al Saeed
15Abdulhadi Al-Harajin 83Salem Al Najdi
12Abdullah Ibrahim Rashid Al Omar Al Dossari 29Ali Al Masoud
2Amiri Kurdi 66Abbas Al Hassan
14Saleh Al Abbas 20Abdullah Almogren
3Abdulrahman Al-Yami SUBSTITUTES
80Fahad Al Reshedi 26Mustafa Malaika
1Rakan Najjar 15Hassan Abdullah
29Ahmad Asiri 5Fahad Al Harbi
18Mohamed Al Oqil 87Qassem Lajami

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