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Saudi Pro League: Highlights Al Taawoun vs Al Riyadh Date: November 24, 2023 | Time: 20:30 Hrs. | LocationKing Abdullah Sport City Stadium, Buraidah, Saudi Arabia

As game week 14 commences, we, share highlights of Al Taawoun vs Al Riyadh scheduled for Nov. 24, 2023 at 20:30 Hrs local time.

Highlights Al Taawoun vs Al Riyadh

FINAL SCORE: Al Taawoun 1-2 Al Riyadh
Al Taawoun João Pedro (4′)
Al RiyadhSaleh Al Abbas (72′), Birama Touré (90’+10′ Pen)
Final Score

A riveting encounter unfolded between Al Taawoun and Al-Riyadh, a clash marked by intense moments and dramatic twists that culminated in a compelling finish.

The game ignited right from the start, with Joao Pedro capitalizing on an early opportunity in the 4th minute, putting Al Taawoun in the lead thanks to an assist from Alvaro Medran. This early breakthrough set the tone for an action-packed first half.

As the game progressed, the intensity surged, leading to several yellow cards and notable substitutions. The 45+3rd minute saw the conclusion of a fiercely contested first half, leaving the spectators eager for the second act.

Second Half

The second half commenced with renewed vigor, and within minutes, Abdulhadi Al Harajan stepped onto the field, replacing Juanmi for Al Riyadh. The match escalated further as both teams fought relentlessly for dominance.

However, the pivotal moment arrived in the 56th minute when Abdel Fatah Adam received a red card, reducing Al-Taawoun to ten players. Despite the setback, Musa Barrow had a chance to equalize from the penalty spot in the 66th minute but failed to convert, maintaining Al Riyadh’s narrow lead.

The game witnessed more drama in the 72nd minute as Saleh Al-Abbas found the net, extending Al Riyadh’s advantage with a skillful strike.

With tensions rising, substitutions were made by both teams, adding fresh energy to the proceedings. As the clock ticked, another red card was brandished, this time to Mohammed Al Shwirekh in the 90+11th minute, reducing Al-Riyadh to nine players.

Amidst the chaos, penalties became the focal point of the latter stages. Birama Toure seized the moment for Al Riyadh in the 90+10th minute, converting a penalty to further solidify their lead. However, Abdulhadi Al Harajan of Al-Taawoun missed a penalty in the 90+7th minute, failing to capitalize on a crucial opportunity.

As the final moments ticked away, the referee signaled the end of the game, cementing a thrilling victory for Al Riyadh in a match characterized by red cards, missed penalties, and a fervent display of skill and determination from both sides.

Al Taawoun vs Al Riyadh: Line-ups

Al Taawoun Al Riyadh
1Mailson 25Martín Campaña
4Andrei Girotto 4Mohammed Al Shwirekh
93Awn Alsaluli 36Dino Arslanagic
42Muath 8Abdulelah Al Khaibari
11Fahad Al Abdulrazzaq 5Khalid Bin Shuwayyi
18Aschraf El Mahdioui 27Hussain Ali Alnwaiqi
10Álvaro Medrán 88Yahya Alshehri
24Flávio 80Fahad Al Reshedi
30João Pedro 60Birama Touré
99Musa Barrow 14Saleh Al Abbas
29Ahmed Saleh Bahusayn 10Juanmi
88Abdulfattah Adam 15Abdulhadi Al-Harajin
SUBSTITUTES 12Abdullah Ibrahim Rashid Al Omar Al Dossari
32Iyad Luay Ali Madani 9Andre Gray
6Mohammed Al-Ghamdi SUBSTITUTES
7Sattam Al-Roqi 29Ahmad Asiri
91Rakan Altulayhi 1Rakan Najjar
17Ahmed Al-Fiqi 6Alin Tosca
20Nawaf Al-Rashwodi 28Bader Al Mutairi
28Saleh Alohaymid 18Mohamed Al Oqil
9Abdulmalek Al Shammary 26Ali Al-Zaqan

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