Highlights Al Ettifaq vs Al Ittihad, Final Score 1-1

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Saudi Pro League: Highlights Al Ettifaq vs Al Ittihad Date: November 24, 2023 | Time: 20:30 Hrs. | LocationPrince Mohammed Bin Fahd Stadium, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

As game week 14 commences, we, share highlights of Al Ettifaq vs Al Ittihad scheduled for Nov. 24, 2023 at 20:30 Hrs local time

Highlights: Al Ettifaq vs Al Ittihad

FINAL SCORE: Al Ettifaq 1-1 Al Ittihad
Al EttifaqGeorginio Wijnaldum (41′)
Al IttihadAbderrazak Hamdallah (54′)
Final Score

The eagerly anticipated clash between Al-Ittihad and Al-Ettifaq on the Saudi League’s 14th date began with fervor, showcasing an intense battle that culminated in a draw.

From the opening minutes, both sides demonstrated their intent, pressing forward with determination. Karim Benzema’s early attempt in the 4th minute hinted at Al-Ittihad’s attacking prowess, narrowly missing the target.

The game escalated swiftly, with Al-Ettifaq countering fiercely. Paulo Victor’s heroic goalkeeping in the 8th minute denied Al-Ettifaq an early lead, deflecting a threatening shot and earning a corner kick for Al-Ittihad.

Georginio Wijnaldum (41′)

The momentum swayed back and forth as Benzema and his teammates persisted in creating chances, though their efforts failed to find the mark in the subsequent minutes.

In the 22nd minute, Benzema’s strike soared over the crossbar, reflecting Al-Ittihad’s growing urgency to break the deadlock. However, Marcelo Grohe’s resilient goalkeeping in the 30th minute thwarted Al-Ettifaq’s attempts to seize the lead, denying them twice and keeping the scoreline intact.

As the first half approached its conclusion, the referee signaled three minutes of added time. It was during this crucial period that Al-Ettifaq made a breakthrough. In the 41st minute, Wijnaldum capitalized on an opportunity, slotting the ball past the goalkeeper to grant the home team the lead.

Second Half

The second half unfolded with heightened intensity as Al-Ittihad pushed forward, determined to overturn the deficit. Benzema’s long-range efforts in the 35th and 70th minutes failed to find the target, leaving the visitors trailing.

However, fate favored Al-Ittihad in the 54th minute when Hamdallah rose to the occasion, executing a brilliant header to level the score, sending the ball into the net and reigniting hope for the away side.

Abderrazak Hamdallah (54′)

The match entered its final stages with both teams seeking a decisive goal. The 80th minute witnessed Benzema squandering a one-on-one opportunity, failing to capitalize on a chance that could have sealed victory for Al-Ettifaq.

As the clock wound down, the final whistle blew, concluding an enthralling encounter that saw both Al-Ittihad and Al-Ettifaq showcasing their attacking prowess but ultimately settling for a hard-fought draw.

The resilience and determination displayed by both teams ensured a fiercely contested match, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in their rivalry.

Al Ettifaq vs Al Ittihad: Line-ups

Al Ettifaq Al ittihad
48Paulo Victor 34Marcelo Grohe
32Marcel Tisserand 15Hassan Kadesh
70Abdullah Khateeb 5Luiz Felipe
4Jack Hendry 28Ahmed Bamasud
11Ali Abdullah Hazzazi 25Suwailem Al Menhali
10Jordan Henderson 17Marwan Al Sahafi
13Hamdan Al Shamrani 99Abderrazak Hamdallah
29Mohammed Yousef 77Saleh Al-Jamaan
99Robin Quaison 8Fabinho
19Demarai Gray 10Igor Coronado
25Georginio Wijnaldum 16Faisal Al Ghamdi
SUBSTITUTES 13Muhannad Al-Shanqiti
18Mohammed Mahzari 9Karim Benzema
15Ahmed Al Ghamdi SUBSTITUTES
7Mohammed Al Kuwaykibi 4Omar Othman
8Hamed Alghamdi 1Abdullah Al-Mayouf
21Ameen Al-Bukhari 24Abdulrahman Al-Obud
30Muhannad Yahya Saeed Al Saad 52Talal Haji
17Meshal Alaeli 88Osama Mubarak Hajaj Al Marwash
3Mohammed Al Dawsari 70Haroune Camara
5Saad Al Mosa  

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