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Saudi Pro League: Highlights Al Shabab vs Al Taawoun | Date: December 2, 2023 | Time: 23:30 Hrs. | Location: Al-Shabab Club Stadium, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

As game week 15 commences, we, share highlights of Al Shabab vs Al Taawoun scheduled for Dec.2, 2023 at 23:30 Hrs local time.

Highlights: Al Shabab vs Al Taawoun

FINAL SCORE: Al Shabab 1-2 Al Taawoun
Al ShababYannick Carrasco (33′ Pen)
Al TaawounJoão Pedro (55′, 62′)
Final Score

A gripping encounter unfolded between Al-Shabab and Al-Taawon, with the latter securing a dramatic 2-1 victory in a fiercely contested match.

The game commenced with fervor as both teams exhibited early intent. Al-Shabab found an early advantage in the 32nd minute when Abdullah Radif drew a foul in the box, resulting in a penalty. Yannick Carrasco stepped up and confidently dispatched the spot-kick, sending the home fans into a frenzy.

As the first half concluded, both sides displayed grit and determination, with Al-Shabab heading into the break with a narrow lead.

Second Half

The second half saw a spirited comeback from Al-Taawon. The pivotal moment arrived in the 54th minute when João Pedro capitalized on a defensive lapse, slotting home a clinical finish to level the scoreline at 1-1. The goal injected renewed vigor into Al-Taawon’s gameplay, igniting hopes of a turnaround.

The momentum shifted in favor of Al-Taawon as they pressed forward relentlessly, seeking a decisive advantage. The breakthrough came in the 61st minute when João Pedro netted his second goal of the game, unleashing a high-flying strike that found the back of the net, putting Al-Taawon in the lead.

Despite Al-Shabab’s efforts to mount a late resurgence and restore parity, they were met with staunch resistance from Al-Taawon’s defense and goalkeeper, preventing any further alterations to the scoreline.

The match concluded with Al-Taawon securing a hard-fought 2-1 victory, showcasing resilience and determination to stage a remarkable comeback from a goal down.

The game provided spectators with thrilling moments, showcasing the competitive spirit of both teams as Al-Taawon emerged triumphant in a pulsating encounter.

Al Shabab vs Al Taawoun: Line-ups

Al Shabab Al Taawoun
18Kim Seung-Gyu 1Mailson
88Nader Al Sharari 4Andrei Girotto
4Iago Santos 93Awn Alsaluli
2Hamad Altuhayfan 42Muath
27Fawaz Al Saqour 15Abdulmalik Al Oyayari
10Éver Banega 10Álvaro Medrán
11Hatan Bahbri 18Aschraf El Mahdioui
15Hussain Al-Qahtani 29Ahmed Saleh Bahusayn
12Majed Kanabah 7Sattam Al-Roqi
6Gustavo Cuéllar 24Flávio
49Abdullah Hadi Radif 30João Pedro
8Fahad Al Muwallad 99Musa Barrow
23Yannick Carrasco 6Mohammed Al-Ghamdi
20Habib Diallo 32Iyad Luay Ali Madani
SUBSTITUTES 11Fahad Al Abdulrazzaq
16Hussain Al-Sabiyani 27Mohammed Aldhulayfi
19Mohammed Issa 20Nawaf Al-Rashwodi
22Fawaz Al-Qarni 17Ahmed Al-Fiqi
26Riyadh Sharahili 9Abdulmalek Al Shammary
21Nawaf Al Saadi 91Rakan Altulayhi

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