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Saudi Pro League: Highlights Al Raed vs Al Wehda | Date: December 2, 2023 | Time: 23:30 Hrs. | Location: King Abdullah Sport City Stadium, Buraidah, Saudi Arabia

As game week 15 commences, we, share highlights of Al Raed vs Al Wehda scheduled for Dec.2, 2023 at 23:30 Hrs local time.

Highlights Al Raed vs Al Wehda

FINAL SCORE: Al Raed 2-0 Al Wehda
Al RaedMohammed Fouzair (44′ Pen), Amir Sayoud (68′)
Al Wehda
Final Score

The clash between Al-Raed and Al-Wehda culminated in a resounding 2-0 victory for Al-Raed, leaving the spectators thrilled with the display of skill and tenacity from both sides.

The game kicked off with a fervor, both teams displaying an eagerness to dominate the field. Al-Raed started with vigor, maintaining possession and dictating the pace early on. The tempo was set by Mohamed Fouzair’s blistering shot from outside the box, narrowly missing the mark, showcasing Al-Raed’s intent.

The match’s intensity heightened around the 12th minute with Al-Wehda’s Fayçal Fajr and Óscar Duarte making valiant attempts on goal, only to be thwarted by Al-Raed’s staunch defense. The deadlock was broken in the 43rd minute when Karim El Berkaoui was fouled in the penalty area, leading to a penalty for Al-Raed. Mohamed Fouzair clinically converted from the spot, rifling the ball into the bottom left corner and securing the lead.

As the first half concluded, tempers flared with an altercation resulting in a red card for Al-Wehda’s Islam Hawsawi for violent conduct, putting his team at a numerical disadvantage.

Second Half

The second half resumed with Al-Raed buoyed by their lead, showcasing relentless attacking prowess. The pivotal moment arrived in the 67th minute when a swift counter-attack orchestrated by Karim El Berkaoui allowed Amir Sayoud to double the lead with a precise finish into the bottom right corner, sending the home crowd into raptures.

Al-Wehda, despite being a player down, exhibited resilience, attempting to claw their way back into the game. However, their efforts were met with stout resistance from Al-Raed’s defense and goalkeeper, Munir Mohamedi, who made critical saves to preserve the clean sheet.

Tensions simmered with late yellow cards shown to players from both sides, encapsulating the intensity of the match until the final whistle. Ultimately, Al-Raed emerged triumphant with a well-deserved 2-0 victory over Al-Wehda, showcasing their determination and skill in an enthralling display of football

Al Raed vs Al Wehda: Line-ups

Al Raed Al Wehda
1André Moreira 1Munir Mohamedi
21Oumar Gonzalez 6Óscar Duarte
5Mamadou Loum 28Hussain Ahmed Al Issa
28Hamad Al Jayzani 5Jawad El Yamiq
2Bander Whaeshi 27Islam Hawsawi
94Mubarak Abdul Rahman Al Rajeh 2Saeed Al-Mowalad
8Mathias Normann 76Faycal Fajr
10Mohammed Fouzair 87Anselmo
43Abdullah Al Yousif 4Waleed Bakhashwain
24Khalid Mohammed Al Subaie 3Abdulelah Albukhari
11Karim El Berkaoui 23Craig Goodwin
18Naif Hazzazi 20Jaber Nasser Asiri
7Amir Sayoud 24Abdulaziz Noor
17Júlio Tavares 17Abdullah Al Hafith
6Abdullah Yahya Magrshi SUBSTITUTES
19Abdullah Al Fahad 35Yousef Alharbi
23Ahmad Al-Harbi 11Sultan Al Akouz
20Rakan Al Dosari 88Ala Al Hajji
49Firas Al-Ghamdi 22Ali Makki
  13Abdulquddus Atiah

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