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Saudi Pro League: Highlights Al Fateh vs Al Tai | Date: December 2, 2023 | Time: 23:30 Hrs. | Location: Prince Abdullah Bin Jalawi Stadium, Al-Hasa, Saudi Arabia

As game week 15 commences, we, share highlights of Al Fateh vs Al Tai scheduled for Dec.2, 2023 at 23:30 Hrs local time.

Highlights Al Fateh vs Al Tai

FINAL SCORE: Al Fateh 0-1 Al Tai
Al Fateh
Al TaiBernard Mensah (87′ Pen)
Final Score

The match between Al-Fateh and Al-Tai was a tightly contested battle that ended with a 1-0 victory for Al-Tai. The lone goal came from a penalty scored by Bernard Mensah, securing the win for Al-Tai. The game was filled with intense moments, fouls, substitutions, and several close attempts by both teams.

The game started with a high tempo as both teams aimed to take control early on. Al-Fateh displayed their attacking prowess with attempts from players like Mourad Batna and Lucas Zelarayán, who constantly tested Al-Tai’s defense with shots from outside the box and set-piece situations.

However, Al-Tai remained resolute in defense, with their goalkeeper making crucial saves to deny Al-Fateh from taking the lead. As the first half progressed, the game saw a series of fouls from both sides, leading to yellow cards being shown to players like Salem Al Najdi and Ibrahim Al Nakhli.

The match was marked by numerous delays due to injuries, leading to strategic substitutions from both teams. Players like Abdulaziz Al Harabi and Rakan Shamlan were brought in to bring fresh energy and tactics to the game.

Second Half

The turning point arrived in the second half when a penalty was awarded to Al-Tai after a foul by Jason Denayer. Bernard Mensah capitalized on the opportunity, converting the penalty with a right-footed shot to the bottom right corner, giving Al-Tai the lead.

Despite Al-Fateh’s relentless attempts to equalize, including shots from players like Jason Denayer and Abdullah Al Mogren following corners, they couldn’t find the breakthrough. The game saw additional yellow cards, further showcasing the intensity of the match.

The final moments were filled with drama as Al-Fateh desperately pushed for an equalizer. However, Al-Tai’s defense held firm, ensuring they secured the vital 1-0 victory.

In summary, it was a closely fought game where Al-Tai’s defensive resilience and ability to convert a penalty made the difference, handing them a hard-fought win against Al-Fateh.

Al Fateh vs Al Tai: Line-ups

Al Fateh Al Tai
1Jacob Rinne 44Moataz Al-Baqaawi
17Marwane Saadane 27Robert Bauer
64Jason Denayer 5Enzo Roco
25Tawfiq Buhumaid 88Ibrahim Alnakhli
83Salem Al Najdi 3Abdulaziz Majrashi
29Ali Al Masoud 8Tariq Mohammed
12Saeed Baattia 4Abdulkarim Sultan
2Ali Al-Zubaidi 43Bernard Mensah
7Mukhtar Ali 30Alfa Semedo
10Lucas Zelarayán 7Salman Al-Moasher
28Sofiane Bendebka 6Abdulaziz Al Harabi
14Alfehaid Salah 45Abdulfattah Asiri
20Abdullah Almogren 70Rakan Shamlan
66Abbas Al Hassan 90Adeeb Al Haizan
11Mourad Batna 11Andrei Cordea
18Mohammed Al Saeed SUBSTITUTES
SUBSTITUTES 17Abdulrahman Al Harthi
87Qassem Lajami 23Nawaf Al Qamiri
26Mustafa Malaika 1Victor Braga
15Hassan Abdullah 13Salem Al Toiawy
5Fahad Al Harbi 77Hassan Alamri

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