Al-Ahli Dominates Al-Fayha with a 4-0 Victory: Key Moments Unfolded

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Saudi Pro League: Preview Al- Fayha – Al- Ahli | Date: December 14, 2023 | Time: 23:30 Hrs. | Location: Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

FINAL SCORE: Al Fayha 0-4 Al Ahli
Al Fayha
Al AhliFeras Al-Brikan (11′, 30′), Ali Majrashi (17′), Riyad Mahrez (43′ Pen)
Final Score

The match kicked off with fervor as Al-Ahli swiftly established dominance. Feras Al Brikan’s precise header, capitalizing on a well-crafted cross by Allan Saint-Maximin, handed them an early lead within ten minutes. Al-Fayha struggled to regain composure after conceding.

Al-Ahli’s relentless pressure paid off again as Ali Majrashi soared above the defense, nodding the ball skillfully into the bottom left corner from a Riyad Mahrez delivery. The 2-0 lead gave Al-Ahli further momentum.

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In the 42nd minute, chaos ensued in the Al-Fayha box as a penalty was awarded following Abdulrahman Al Safari’s foul on Franck Kessié. Mahrez stepped up confidently and hammered home from the spot, extending Al-Ahli’s lead to 3-0 just before halftime.

The remainder of the half saw Al-Ahli dictating the pace, showcasing their attacking flair, while Al-Fayha struggled to counter effectively.

Second Half:

Al-Fayha initiated the second half with intent, but Al-Ahli remained resolute in defense, thwarting any threats.

The 70th minute witnessed a goal attempt from Mohammed Al Majhad, which soared high, but Al-Ahli’s offensive prowess remained unmatched.

Al-Ahli solidified their lead further when Feras Al Brikan, in the 90th minute, completed his brace with a clinical header following a well-placed cross from Saint-Maximin.

The match was marred by injuries and a flurry of substitutions, disrupting the flow for both sides. Al-Ahli managed to maintain their stronghold, showcasing their tactical astuteness and depth within the squad.

The match concluded with a resounding 4-0 victory for Al-Ahli. The result underscored their superiority, combining skillful attacking maneuvers with a disciplined defensive stance.

Al-Ahli’s assertive performance showcased their proficiency in all aspects of the game, leaving Al-Fayha struggling to match their pace and finesse.

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