Abderrazak fires twice to register 2-0 win for Al Ittihad

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With two goals from Abderrazak, Al Ittihad won 2-0 against Al Riyadh and remains in fight for the top slot on points table.

Saudi Pro League: Match Report Al Ittihad vs Al Riyadh | Date: February 18, 2024 | Time: 22:30 Hrs. | Location: Prince Hathloul Bin Abdulaziz Sport City Stadium, Najran, Saudi Arabia

Al Ittihad is going head to head with Al Riyadh starting on Feb. 18th , 2024 at 22:30 Hrs. The match is a part of the Saudi Professional League.

FINAL SCORE: Al Ittihad 2-0 Al Riyadh
Al IttihadAbderrazak Hamdallah (12′, 90’+7′)
Al Riyadh
Final Score

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In a decisive clash in the Saudi Pro League, Al Ittihad secured a convincing 2-0 victory against Al Riyadh, with Abderrazak Hamdallah emerging as the hero with a well-deserved brace. The match proved to be a crucial one for both teams, as Al Ittihad aimed to consolidate their position in the top five, while Al Riyadh fought to steer clear of the relegation zone.

First Half: Al Ittihad vs Al Riyadh

The game kicked off with both teams showing determination, but it was Al Ittihad who dominated the proceedings in the first half. Abderrazak Hamdallah opened the scoring in the 12th minute with a precise shot from the edge of the box. The goal showcased Hamdallah’s clinical finishing ability and set the tone for Al Ittihad’s proactive play.

The first half was characterized by Al Ittihad’s control of the ball, with Charrúa goalkeeper Martín Campaña making crucial saves to keep Al Riyadh at bay. Karim Benzema, making a return, played an instrumental role, setting up center-backs and displaying his prowess with both his back to goal and in free-kick situations.

As the first half concluded, Al Ittihad led 1-0, with Hamdallah’s goal making the difference. The referee announced 2 minutes of added time, but Al Riyadh failed to capitalize on any last-minute opportunities.


Al Ittihad headed into the break with a deserved 1-0 lead. The team looked proactive with the ball, displaying a cohesive performance, while Al Riyadh struggled to make an impact.

Second Half: Al Ittihad vs Al Riyadh

The second half witnessed Al Riyadh attempting to turn the tide and come back into the game. Fawaz’s injury in the 54th minute led to Saad Al Mousa coming on as his replacement, adding fresh legs to the Al Riyadh side. However, the visiting team’s efforts were thwarted by Al Ittihad’s solid defense and the outstanding goalkeeping of Martín Campaña.

A potential turning point came in the 62nd minute, when a penalty kick was reviewed in favor of Al Riyadh. However, the VAR indicated that there was no penalty, and play resumed. Despite Al Riyadh’s sporadic reactions, they struggled to break down Al Ittihad’s defense.

In the 97th minute, Hamdallah sealed the victory with another goal, this time from midfield, taking advantage of a corner kick from Martin Campaña. The brace secured a 2-0 victory for Al Ittihad, marking their 10th win of the current season.

Match Summary:

Al Ittihad’s victory consolidates their position in the top five, while Al Riyadh’s fight to avoid relegation becomes more challenging. Hamdallah’s clinical finishing and the team’s overall performance showcase their strength in the league. Despite Al Riyadh’s second-half reaction, Al Ittihad’s defense remained resolute, and Campaña’s stellar goalkeeping secured the clean sheet.

The presence of Roberto Mancini, coach of the Saudi Arabian National Team, added significance to the match, emphasizing the importance of Saudi Pro League encounters. With this win, Al Ittihad continues to be a formidable force in the league, keeping the fight for the top places alive.

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