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Saudi Pro League: Al Tai vs. Al Okhdood | Date: May 27, 2024 | Time: 23:30 Hrs. | Location: Prince Abdulaziz Bin Musaid Sport City Stadium, Ha’il

Al Tai is going head to head with Al Okhdood starting on May 27th, 2024 at 23:30 Hrs. The match is a part of the Saudi Professional League. This match is part of round 34, in Saudi Pro League standing, Al Tai stands on 16th position with 31 points from 33 matches, while Al Okhdood stands at 17th position with 30 points on points table.

Al Tai vs. Al Okhdood H2H

 Al TaiAl Okhdood
Al Tai Standing | Al Okhdood Standing

In the 2024 season, Al Tai averaged 1.03 goals per game throughout the actual season. Over 1.5 goals were scored overall (by both the team and the opposition) in 11 (68.75%) of the home games. Ten (62.50%) of the 2024 season’s home games had a cumulative goal total (team and opponent) of more than 2.5 goals.

In the 2024 season, Al Okhdood averaged 0.91 goals per game. Out of 12 (70.59%) away games, the total goals (both team and opponent) More than 1.5 goals. Out of 8 (47.06%) away games, the total goals (both team and opponent) was scored. More than 2.5 goals.

Al Tai allowed 27 goals (46% of their total 59 goals) and scored 22 goals (67% of their 33 goals) at home. They rank 10th and 15th, respectively, with an average of 1.38 goals scored and 1.69 goals conceded per home game.

Al Okhdood allowed 27 goals (53% of their total 51 goals) and scored 11 goals (37% of their total 30 goals) away from home. They rank 17th and 11th, respectively, with an average of 0.69 goals scored and 1.69 goals surrendered per away game.

Head- to- Head Analysis

In their most recent meeting, there was only one goal scored. Al Okhdood had 7.69% shooting effectiveness (1 goal from 13 tries), compared to 0% for Al Tai (0 goals from 6 attempts). Their season average is higher than the average number of goals scored in their meetings.

Bernard Mensah, who ranks ninth in the league with 14 goals, is Al Tai’s best scorer. Andrei Burca leads Al Okhdood in scoring with six goals.

With the most defeats, Al Okhdood is the weakest team in the league. Out of the 32 games played thus far this season, they have already lost 19. The only other team with the same record is Abha.

Al Tai has been issued the most yellow cards thus far this season. They have been given 78 yellow cards in 32 games (the league average is 61.4 yellow cards). In a match, there are 2.4 yellow cards.

When it comes to goals scored so far this season, Al Okhdood is among the three weakest clubs in the league. They only managed 30 goals in 32 games (the league average is 47.7 goals allowed). 0.9 goals are scored in a match.

Al TaiAl Okhdood
All Competitions
All Competitions
Last Game: Al Tai 3-1 Al Fateh
Thursday, May 16 at 4pm in Saudi Pro League
Last Game: Al Ettifaq 1-1 Al Okhdood
Friday, May 17 at 7pm in Saudi Pro League
Goals for: 33Goals for: 30
Al Tai Standing | Al Okhdood Standing
Al Tai vs. Al Okhdood, H2H, Preview and Prediction_

Preview Al Tai vs Al Okhdood

Both Al-Tai and Al-Okhdood Club have distinct scoring patterns that fans and analysts alike should keep an eye on. Al-Tai is known for their late-game heroics, scoring a remarkable 33% of their goals between the 76th and 90th minutes. This statistic indicates their persistence and ability to capitalize on tiring defenses. Similarly, Al-Okhdood Club finds a significant portion of their scoring success, also 33%, between the 46th and 60th minutes, often coming out strong after halftime to make their mark on the game.

Away Game Struggles for the Al-Okhdood Club

Al-Okhdood Club’s performance on the road this season has been less than stellar. They have not secured a win in their last 12 away matches, highlighting a significant area of concern. With an away record of 2 wins, 5 draws, and 9 losses, their struggles away from home are evident. This poor form has also been compounded by their inability to find the back of the net in eight of their 16 away matches, underscoring their offensive challenges on unfamiliar grounds.

Home Field Performance of Al-Tai

On the flip side, Al-Tai has also faced some difficulties at home, failing to score in four of their 16 home matches in the Saudi Pro League this season. Despite these occasional scoring droughts, Al-Tai’s overall performance at home has been relatively stronger compared to their opponents, scoring an average of 1.41 goals per home match. Their ability to secure a lead and maintain it is evident, as they win 60% of their matches when leading 1-0 at home.

Key Players and Their Contributions

Bernard Mensah has been a standout performer for Al-Tai, leading his team with 14 goals this season. His goal-scoring prowess is a crucial asset for Al-Tai and will be a key factor in their upcoming matches. On the other hand, Al-Okhdood Club relies heavily on Andrei Burca, who has scored six goals. While not as prolific as Mensah, Burca’s contributions are vital for his team, especially given their overall scoring struggles.

Halftime Performances and Game Outcomes

Both teams exhibit relatively low success rates in winning the first half, with Al-Tai doing so in 18% of their matches and Al-Okhdood Club in 14%. This trend extends into halftime victories, where Al-Tai and Al-Okhdood Club both win only 18% and 14% of the time, respectively. These statistics suggest that both teams tend to be stronger in the latter stages of the game.

Previous encounters and recent forms

The last meeting between these two teams ended in a victory for Al-Okhdood Club by a narrow margin of one goal. Despite this, Al-Tai has shown a better overall performance in the Saudi Pro League this season. They have a higher average home goal rate of 1.41 compared to Al-Okhdood Club’s 0.71 away goals. Al-Tai’s recent form is also superior, performing better in their last five matches compared to Al-Okhdood Club.

Matchup analysis and predictions

When leading 1-0 at home, Al-Tai secures a win 60% of the time, while Al-Okhdood Club manages to win 50% of their matches when they lead 0-1 away. However, if Al-Tai is down 0-1 at home, they still manage to come back and win 40% of their matches. In stark contrast, Al-Okhdood Club has yet to win any matches when trailing 1-0 away.

As we look ahead to the next encounter between Al-Tai and Al-Okhdood Club, the statistics suggest a compelling match-up. Al-Tai’s stronger home performance and recent form make them the favorites, but Al-Okhdood Club’s previous victory and potential to score early could provide an upset. Fans should expect a game where late goals could play a crucial role, and key players like Bernard Mensah and Andrei Burca will undoubtedly be pivotal in determining the outcome.

Al Tai vs Al Okhdood Prediction

The most likely result of this match, according to our analysis of all available data, including player stats and recent performances, is an Al Tai victory with a chance of 38.67%. The likelihood of an Al-Okhdood victory is 37.15%, while the likelihood of a draw is 24.2%.

With an 8.5% chance, a 2-1 victory for Al Tai is the most likely outcome. With such a result, the next most likely scorelines are 1-0 (7.43%) and 2-0 (5.68%). The likelihood of an Al Okhdood victory is 1-2 (8.3%), while the likelihood of a score tie is 1-1 (11.1%).

Al TaiDrawAl Okhdood
Both teams to score 60.77%

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