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Saudi Pro League: Al Hazem vs. Abha | Date: May 27, 2024 | Time: 18:30 Hrs. | Location: Al-Hazm Club Stadium, Al-Rass, Saudi Arabia

Al Hazem is going head to head with Abha starting on May 27th, 2024 at 18:30 Hrs. The match is a part of the Saudi Professional League. This match is part of round 33, in Saudi Pro League standing, Al Hazem stands on 18th position with 21 points from 32 matches, while Abha stands at 17th position with 29 points on points table.

Al Hazem vs. Abha H2H

 Al HazemAbha
Al Hazem Standing | Abha Standing

In the 2024 season, Al Hazem averaged 0.94 goals per game throughout the actual season. Over 1.5 goals were scored overall (by both the team and the opposition) in 14 (87.50%) of the home games. Nine (56.25%) of the 2024 season’s home games had a total goal total (team and opponent) of more than 2.5 goals.

In the 2024 season, Abha scored 1.09 goals on average per game. Total goals (team and opponent) in 14 (87.50%) away games More than 1.5 goals. Total goals (team and opponent) were scored in 13 (81.25%) away team games. More than 2.5 goals.

Al Hazem conceded 40 goals (55% of their total of 73 goals) and scored 15 goals (48% of their total of 31 goals) at home. They rank 17th in goals scored and 18th in goals surrendered at home, averaging 0.94 goals scored and 2.5 goals conceded per home game.

Recent Form

Abha conceded 55 goals (65% of their total of 84 goals) and scored 15 goals away (43% of their total of 35 goals). They rank 14th in goals scored and 18th in goals surrendered away, averaging 0.94 goals scored and 3.44 goals given per away game.

Out of the previous ten games, one game had one goal, eight games had two to three goals, and one game had four or more goals. Two goals were the most frequent number, appearing five times. Abha had a shooting effectiveness of 19.61% (10 goals from 51 tries), whereas Al Hazem had a shot effectiveness of 28% (14 goals from 50 attempts). In these matches, Al Hazem averaged 1.4 goals per game, 0.43 higher than their regular season total. Abha’s goal average during the season was 0.09 goals per game, or 1 goal per game.

Toze Toze leads Al Hazem in scoring with eight goals. Grzegorz Krychowiak leads Abha in scoring with nine goals. Neither player is among the top 10 scorers in the league.

Head- to- Head Analysis

Since 2005, 18 games have been played between Abha and Al-Hazem FC. Here is a head-to-head analysis of past games:

  • Abha won three (total goals of 17), Al-Hazem FC won eight (total goals of 26), and seven were tied.
  • Previous results between Abha and Al-Hazem FC Asian Disability 40.0% is the win percentage, and 40.0% is the total goal percentage.
  • Al-Hazem FC has won 1, drawn 2, lost 2, and conceded 1.6 goals per game in its last five games.
  • Their winning percentage with an Asian handicap is 40.0%, while their overall goal percentage is higher than 40.0%.
  • In the last five games, Abha has won four, drawn one, lost zero, surrendered three goals per game, and won 20.0% of the total goals scored with an Asian handicap.
Al HazemAbha
All Competitions
All Competitions
Last Game: Al Hazem 1-1 Al Riyadh
Saturday, May 18 at 5.20pm in Saudi Pro League
Last Game: Al-Ahli 5-1 Abha
Saturday, May 18 at 7pm in Saudi Pro League
Goals for: 31Goals for: 35
Al Hazem Standing | Abha Standing

Preview Al Hazem vs. Abha

The recent history between Al-Hazem and Abha Club has been evenly contested. In their last five meetings, each team has won twice, with one match ending in a draw. Al-Hazem holds a slight edge in goal difference, outscoring Abha 8-6. This balance sets the stage for an intriguing matchup, where both teams have shown they can compete against each other.

Current Form and Streaks

Abha Club’s away form has been dismal, losing their last three matches on the road in the Saudi Pro League. In fact, they haven’t secured a win in their last 11 away games, a streak that underscores their struggles this season. Al-Hazem, while not faring much better, has at least managed to avoid losing in eight consecutive home games, though victories have been elusive.

Scoring Patterns

Al-Hazem has an interesting scoring pattern, netting 32% of their goals between the minutes 61-75, the highest percentage in the league. Conversely, they score a mere 3% of their goals between minutes 16–30, the lowest percentage in the league. Abha Club, on the other hand, tends to find the net late in matches, with 26% of their goals coming between the minutes 76-90. These insights reveal key periods when both teams are most and least dangerous.

Home and Away Records

Al-Hazem’s home record this season stands at a disappointing 2-5-9, highlighting their struggles to capitalize on home advantage. They have failed to score in six of their 16 home matches, further illustrating their offensive challenges. Abha Club’s away record is even more concerning, with a 0-2-14 record. They have been unable to score in seven of their 16 away matches, making their task on the road extremely difficult.

Key Players and Performance

For Al-Hazem, Toze has been a standout performer, leading the team with eight goals. Abha Club’s top scorer, Grzegorz Krychowiak, has managed to find the net nine times. Both players will be crucial for their respective teams in this fixture. On the creative front, Al-Hazem will look towards their midfield for inspiration, while Abha Club relies heavily on Krychowiak’s all-around contributions.

Al-Hazem wins the first half in 13% of their matches, while Abha Club edges slightly better at 19%. These statistics suggest that Abha Club has a slight advantage in starting games stronger, but neither team dominates early play consistently.

Recent meetings and results

Their last meeting ended in a 1-1 draw, a result that highlights the competitiveness between the two sides. When Al-Hazem leads 1-0 at home, they go on to win 60% of their matches. In contrast, Abha Club only wins 20% of their matches when leading 1-0 away. Both teams have shown vulnerability when trailing, with neither securing a win after falling behind 0-1 at home or away, respectively.

Comparative Performance

Despite their struggles, Al-Hazem’s recent performances in the Saudi Pro League have been slightly better than Abha Club’s. Al-Hazem has performed better in their last five matches compared to their opponents. This slight edge might prove crucial in their upcoming encounter.

Goals and Averages

On average, Al-Hazem scores 1.6 goals per match against Abha Club, while Abha scores 1.2 goals against Al-Hazem. The average number of goals in meetings between these teams is 2.8, with 1.4 goals typically scored in the first half. Both teams have not won their last match in the league, reflecting their ongoing struggles.

As Al-Hazem and Abha Club prepare to face off, the match promises to be a hard-fought battle between two teams eager to improve their standings. With both sides showing specific strengths and weaknesses, the game could be decided by key moments and standout individual performances. Fans can expect an intense and competitive encounter as both teams seek to turn their fortunes around in the Saudi Pro League.

Al Hazem vs. Abha Prediction

With a probability of 58.85%, our study of all the available data—including player statistics and previous performances—indicates that an Al Hazem victory is the most likely result of this match. There is a 20.8% chance of a draw and a 20.3% chance of Abha winning.

With a 9.85% chance, a 2-1 victory for Al Hazem is the most likely outcome. With that result, the next most likely score lines are 2-0 (8.64%) and 1-0 (8.32%). The most likely drew result is 1-1 (9.5%), but the most likely Abha victory is 1-2 (5.42%).

Al HazemDrawAbha
Both teams to score 59.51%
Al Hazem vs Abha Prediction

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