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Saudi Pro League: Al Riyadh vs. Al Nassr | Date: May 23, 2024 | Time: 20:30 Hrs. | Location: Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium, Riyadh

Al Riyadh is going head to head with Al Nassr starting on May 23rd, 2024 at 23:30 Hrs. The match is a part of the Saudi Professional League. This match is part of round 32, in Saudi Pro League standing, Al Riyadh stands on 14th position with 31 points from 32 matches, while Al Nassr stands at 2nd position with 78 points on points table.

Al Riyadh vs. Al Nassr H2H

 Al RiyadhAl Nassr
Al Riyadh Standing | Al Nassr Standing

In the 2024 season, Al Riyadh averaged 0.91 goals per game throughout the season. Over 1.5 goals were scored overall (by both the team and the opposition) in 9 (56.25%) of the home games. The total goals (team and opponent) in six (37.50%) home games during the 2024 season were more than 2.5 goals.

In the 2024 season, Al Nassr FC averaged 2.62 goals per game. Total goals (team and opponent) in 19 (76.00%) away games were more than 1.5 goals. The total goals scored by the away team in 15 (60.00%) of the games against them are more than 2.5 goals.

Out of their total of 28 goals, Al Riyadh has scored 13 goals at home (46%), while they have let up 20 goals (38% of their total of 53 goals) at home. They rank 18th in home scoring and sixth in home defense, with an average of 0.81 goals scored and 1.25 goals surrendered per game at home.

Al Nassr has conceded 17 goals (45% of their total of 38 goals) and scored 48 goals (51% of their total of 94 goals) away from home. They are second in away scoring and fourth in away defense, with an average of 3 goals scored and 1.06 goals surrendered per away game.

Five goals were scored overall in the most recent head-to-head encounter, with five goals often happening in a match.

Saleh Al Abbas leads Al Riyadh in goals scored with eight. Cristiano Ronaldo and Anderson Talisca, with 33 and 16 goals, respectively, are two of Al Nassr’s leading scorers.

Head- to- Head Analysis

Since 2011, Al Riyadh and Al Nassr have played two matches against each other. Here is a head-to-head analysis of past games:

  • Al Nassr FC won 2 (total goals 6), and Al-Riyadh won none of the matches (total goals 2).
  • Al Nassr FC vs. Al Riyadh Past Performance: 100.0% Asian Handicap Win Percentage, over 100.0% Total Goals Percentage.
  • In their last five games, Al-Riyadh has won one, drawn three, lost one, and conceded 1.2 goals per game.
  • Their winning percentage with an Asian handicap is 60.0%, while their total goal percentage is above 40.0%.
  • Al Nassr FC has won 2, drawn 1, lost 2, and conceded 0.8 goals per game in its last five games.
  • Their winning percentage with an Asian handicap is 40.0%, while their overall goal percentage is above 60.0%.
Al RiyadhAl Nassr
All Competitions
All Competitions
Last Game: Al Hazem 1-1 Al Riyadh
Saturday, May 18 at 5.20pm in Saudi Pro League
Last Game: Al-Nassr 1-1 Al-Hilal
Friday, May 17 at 7pm in Saudi Pro League
Goals for: 29Goals for: 94
Al Riyadh Standing | Al Nassr Standing
Al Riyadh vs Al Nassr H2H, Preview, Prediction_

Preview Al Riyadh vs. Al Nassr

Al-Nassr FC have been on an impressive run, boasting a winning streak of eight consecutive matches in the Saudi Pro League. This remarkable performance highlights their dominance and consistency in the league. Their ability to maintain this streak, both at home and away, has solidified their position as one of the top contenders in the league. With a winning streak of five matches away from home, Al-Nassr FC have proven their prowess in challenging environments, showcasing their adaptability and resilience.

Al-Riyadh SC’s Scoring Trends

Al-Riyadh SC have an interesting scoring pattern, with 39% of their goals coming between the minutes 76-90. This indicates their tendency to push hard in the final stages of the match, often finding the net in the dying minutes. In contrast, Al-Nassr FC scored 21% of their goals between minutes 31–45, demonstrating their ability to secure crucial leads before halftime. These statistics provide insights into the strategic approaches of both teams during different phases of the game.

Goal-Scoring Prowess and Key Players

Cristiano Ronaldo stands out as Al-Nassr FC’s top scorer with an astounding 33 goals this season. His contribution extends beyond scoring, as he also leads the team in assists with 11. Saleh Dallabah Al Abbas is the key player for Al-Riyadh SC, having scored eight goals and provided three assists. The impact of these players is crucial for their respective teams, with Ronaldo’s experience and skill playing a significant role in Al-Nassr FC’s success.

Disciplinary records can often influence a team’s performance. Khalid bin Shuwayyi of Al-Riyadh SC has accumulated 7 yellow cards, while Abdullah Al Khaibari of Al-Nassr FC has collected 6. These statistics suggest a need for caution, as further infractions could lead to suspensions and impact team dynamics.

Recent Performance and Match Outcomes

Al-Nassr FC’s recent performance has been stellar, with a record of 14 wins, 0 draws, and 2 losses away from home. They have scored at least one goal in their last 13 consecutive matches, underscoring their offensive strength. Al-Riyadh SC, on the other hand, have struggled to find the net, failing to score in five of their 16 home matches this season. Their inability to capitalize on home advantage has been a significant drawback.

The previous encounters between these two teams have often favored Al-Nassr FC. In their last meeting, Al-Nassr FC emerged victorious with a convincing win by three goals. Historically, Al-Riyadh SC has found it challenging to secure victories against Al-Nassr FC, particularly when trailing. When Al-Riyadh SC is down 0-1 at home, they have a win rate of 0%, while Al-Nassr FC, when leading 0-1 away, have an impressive win rate of 95%.

Performance Comparisons

Overall, Al-Nassr FC has demonstrated superior performance in the Saudi Pro League compared to Al-Riyadh SC. Al-Nassr FC’s average of 2.47 goals scored per away match contrasts sharply with Al-Riyadh SC’s 0.82 goals scored per home match. This disparity highlights the offensive capabilities of Al-Nassr FC and the struggles faced by Al-Riyadh SC in finding the back of the net.

Both teams are currently navigating through mixed forms. Al-Nassr FC have not lost in their last six games, showing a robust run of form. Conversely, Al-Riyadh SC have not lost in their last four games, suggesting a potential resurgence. However, both teams have not secured wins in their most recent matches, adding an element of unpredictability to their upcoming encounters.

In summary, Al-Nassr FC’s dominance and consistent performance set a high benchmark in the Saudi Pro League. Meanwhile, Al-Riyadh SC’s scoring struggles and disciplinary issues pose significant challenges. The head-to-head statistics and recent form further emphasize the uphill battle that Al-Riyadh SC faces when going up against the formidable Al-Nassr FC.

Al Riyadh vs. Al Nassr Prediction

With a probability of 74.66%, our study of all the available data, including individual stats and previous performances, indicates that an Al-Nassr victory is the most likely result of this match. There is a 15.9% chance of a draw and a 9.48% chance of Al Riyadh winning.

With a chance of 12.25%, the most likely score line for an Al-Nassr victory is 0–2. For such a result, the next most likely score lines are 0-3 (9.98%) and 0-1 (10.03%). The likelihood of a tie is 1-1 (7.52%), but the likelihood of an Al Riyadh victory is 1-0 (3.08%).

Al RiyadhDrawAl Nassr
Both teams to score 48.15%

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